• Q: Are you able to have two blog module instances on a single page that are seperate blogs? The situation is, i want to have a company blog that displays on our main page. I also need a blog for each department which will show on each departments main page but also include the company blog on each departments page main page.

    A: Yes, the Content Slider Widget should be what you need. It is core widget module of package and you can install it in any page to host the posts from any blog instance. And you can install unlimited module instances to consume multiple blogs data in the same page. Hope it helps. Thanks a lot for your interested in our dnn products.

  • Q: wondering if there is a trial version of sunblognuke

    A: yes, you can contact us via email or our contact form(http://www.sunblognuke.com/company/contact-us.aspx) and we will supply the trial package for you. Hope it helps.

  • Q: We have been using the DNN Blog for the last few years. Can the DNN Blog post be moved to SunBlogNuke?

    A: Yes, we support built-in feature to import the existing dnn blog into SunBlogNuke with only one click action. Thanks a lot for interested in our dnn products. :)

  • Q: My client currently has a Blogger blog. They want to incorporate the blog going forward into their new DNN website and I an researching the best tools for that. Does your module have a way to import all of the existing posts from their Blogger blog?

    A: Our module supports to import any external blog data with blogml format well. Your blogger data should be easy to be transferred into dnn website with SunBlogNuke. And just need to Google with term "blogger blogml" and there should be lots of tools or tutorials to teach you how export blogger data with blogml. Hope it helps.Thanks a lot for your interested in our products.

  • Q: Is this module compatible with DNN 6?

    A: Yes, absolutely supported and compatible with latest DNN7. Thanks for your questions.

  • Q: I reviewed a few DNN blogs and so far I like this. We need the source code just in case we'd want to modify. How much is the Enterprise Developer license? thank you,

    A: Thanks a lot for your interested in our module. You can get the more details about the license topic here - http://www.sunblognuke.com/products/pricing.aspx, including how much for the developer license. Hope it makes sense. If you have any more question please feel free to let us know. Best regards.

  • Q: We are currently using DotNetNuke’s Blog module version 4.1 and we have blogs going back almost 2 years. Will we be able to move the content/post from DNN’s Blog to your Blog in some automated fashion (a migration tool)?

    A: Hi Lewis, you can migration the core blog data into our module with following the tutorial, where we supply the auto script to import your blog posts. Please refer to it - http://www.sunblognuke.com/Blog/entryid/198/Migrate-DotNetNuke-Blog-Entries-into-SunBlogNuke-Module.aspx. In the process we also provide helps if you need any. Hope it makes sense