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Ultimate Blogging Solution for DotNetNuke

It can been applied in DNN 4.6.2 or later version 7.x. You can try it out with this account (username:blogger pwd:blogger). Enjoy Blogging :)

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This is our text blog 1

I have been looking at diffe

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DAL2 for DNN7

DotNetNuke has introduced a new (optional) datalayer, that utilizes a micro-orm called Peta-Poco. A close-to-the-metal option to execute any sql - basic SqlHelper like functionality. This would allow us to replace SqlHelper with a PetaPocoHelper class, which we have done in the core.

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QA about SunBlogNuke

A: Yes, the Content Slider Widget should be what you need. It is core widget module of package and you can install it in any page to host the posts from any blog instance. And you can install unlimited module instances to consume multiple blogs data in the same page. Hope it helps. Thanks a lot for your interested in our dnn products.

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So how does this blog module display?

Just a little text to see how the blog module displays content.  The module seems to have a strong feature set and I'm especially interested in the ability to have multiple authors, each with a different blog.

SunBlog(Nuke) v2.4.x :: The extendable and optimized DNN Blog Module

 Key Features

What sets SunBlogNuke apart from every other "blog" out there?

Full standards compliance

All the controls in SunBlogNuke are 100% XHTML 1.0 compliant. This is important not only for interoperability with today's browser but also for forward compatibility with the tools of the next generation.

Cool themes

SunBlogNuke comes with a full theme system which makes designing everything from the simplest blog to the most complicated webzine a piece of cake. If you want to modify or create a new theme you can do so easily with just a basic understanding of HTML and CSS.

Web 2.0

SunBlogNuke features social bookmarks, AJAX, Gravatars, Email notification, tag cloud and other so called Web 2.0 features.


SunBlogNuke is built from the ground up using nothing but DotNetNuke(DNN) all with simplicity in mind. It means that you can write new extended modules and themes by using the skills you already have as a .NET developer.


SunBlogNuke ships with support for multi languages, and it's not difficult to configure your blog to communicate with your visitors in their native tongue.


SunBlogNuke supports a host of options that make it highly configurable. If you don't like the way something works, chances are very good that you can change it without digging through the code.

XML-RPC interface

SunBlogNuke currently supports an extended version of the Blogger API & MetaWeblog API. You can use clients easily to manage your posts like Windows live writer.

Multi-author support

SunBlogNuke fully supports multiple authors to write posts on the same blog. Visitors are then able to subscribe to the individual author’s RSS feed or view only the posts from their favourite author.

Ferrari rule out Massa return this season

 The Brazilian has been out of action since a freak crash in qualifying for the Hungarian Grand Prix left him with life-threatening head injuries....

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    Thanks for your trust on our blogging module.

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    Great product to blogging. :)

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