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Ultimate Blogging Solution for DotNetNuke

It can been applied in DNN 4.6.2 or later version 7.x. You can try it out with this account (username:blogger pwd:blogger). Enjoy Blogging :)

My Test Blog

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Assign Categories To Calendar Entries For Easy Reading

If your calendar is filled with not only your work tasks, but also your personal appointments and your boss's meetings, you may look at it and wonder what you're supposed to do next.

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May the fourth be with you

Star Wars is so popular that it has its own holiday. Each year, on May 4, people around the globe celebrate Star Wars Day. Recognizing Star Wars on May 4 reportedly dates back to 1979 when Margaret Thatcher took office as U.K. prime minister and was congr ...

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This is our text blog 1

I have been looking at diffe

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DAL2 for DNN7

DotNetNuke has introduced a new (optional) datalayer, that utilizes a micro-orm called Peta-Poco. A close-to-the-metal option to execute any sql - basic SqlHelper like functionality. This would allow us to replace SqlHelper with a PetaPocoHelper class, which we have done in the core.

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The Tipping Point - Book Cover Updated the tag The Tipping Point - Copyright Fires in the mind - Book Cover Fires in the mind - Copyright The fourth way - Book Cover The fourth way - Copyri ...

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QA about SunBlogNuke

A: Yes, the Content Slider Widget should be what you need. It is core widget module of package and you can install it in any page to host the posts from any blog instance. And you can install unlimited module instances to consume multiple blogs data in the same page. Hope it helps. Thanks a lot for your interested in our dnn products.

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What is the right blog module solution for DotNetNuke?

I have been looking at different blog modules for DNN and so far SunBlogNuke seems to be out in front.  When considering to seriously start a blog you want to be sure that you have the correct tools to accomplish the job.  It appears that this module may have what I am seeking.

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Sample post to test subscription

From #SunBlogNuke v5.8, we will enhance subscription feature with supporting visitors, not required registered users any more, to subscribe newsletter. All what you need to do is just to enter their email for notification when any blog post published in target blog. 

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Test Blogging

This is how remote blogging on DNN is done I am definitely buying this blogging Module

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    Re: Develops Zozzle JavaScript Malware Detection Tool

    Thanks for your trust on our blogging module.

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    Great product to blogging. :)

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    I agree your points and this module helps us a lot and make our life happier.

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