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Ultimate Blogging Solution for DotNetNuke

It can been applied in DNN 4.6.2 or later version 7.x. You can try it out with this account (username:blogger pwd:blogger). Enjoy Blogging :)

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What is the right blog module solution for DotNetNuke?

I have been looking at different blog modules for DNN and so far SunBlogNuke seems to be out in front.  When considering to seriously start a blog you want to be sure that you have the correct tools to accomplish the job.  It appears that this module may have what I am seeking.

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Navigation Optimization for SunBlogNuke

Many users find your site by searching for specific information. When readers find your post, why not point them to other posts on your site with similar information? Doing so can increase the page views per reader. In WordPress, you can automatically cr ...

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Testing the multi-portal entry in WLW

Alter, I am having trouble getting Windows Live Writer set up for multiple portals.  so testing….

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DotNetNuke Blog Module ("SunBlogNuke") release v2.3.23

New in v2.3.23:

  • support multiple blogs assigned to one user, so you can own different blogs viewed for each page.
  • support the export/import feature which make SunBlogNuke Portable.
  • support the customization feature of creating your default blog.
  • reopen the edit links everywhere so that you can edit your post in hand and more easily.
  • add category filter options for managing entries
  • fix the WLW bugs(postDate issue)
  • optimizing and refactoring database design
  • remove the [DotNetNuke], [SunBlog] & [GrassGreen] themes and will not support those themes because we will provide the seperate theme project
  • more features

New in v2.3.16:

  • delete the original latestEntry module and replace it with the standalone featured module, which show a list of posts flagged as featured for some specific blog.
  • you can create entry scheduled for publication in the future.
  • add filter options for managing entries, i.e drafts, pulished entries, scheduled entries etc
  • totally support DNN 5.x platform
  • integrated with DNN Search by implementing ISearchable interface of the DNN core framework
  • more avatar customization, i.e size, customImageUrl etc
  • add tags configuration panel
  • enhance cache and performance
  • refactoring code

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Make Some Test about WLW Publish

Congratulations! You have successfully published this post here! nice….


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Isso aqui é um mero teste

           Bom pessoal, estou colocando Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Fusce turpis neque, vehicula a aliquet eget, faucibus ac turpis. Pellentesque mi leo, sollicitudin vel bib ...

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    test - but where to add photos/videos?

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    Re: Develops Zozzle JavaScript Malware Detection Tool

    Thanks for your trust on our blogging module.

    -- Blogger

    Re: Develops Zozzle JavaScript Malware Detection Tool

    Great product to blogging. :)

    -- Baldwin

    Re: Test Blog here and looking to buy

    I agree your points and this module helps us a lot and make our life happier.

    -- Jack

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